About us

Our Mission

The Hawks Select Basketball Club (HSBC) is a non-profit 501c (3) sports organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion of youth participation in amateur basketball programs for boys and girls in the North Texas area.

HSBC is organized to provide kids in grades 3rd – 8th an opportunity to develop their skills to the highest level through participation in local and national tournaments, camps and skills programs.

We encourage through participation, the physical, mental, and moral development of young athletes and promote good sportsmanship and citizenship.

Player Development

We’ve designed our program to take into consideration the unique differences in all players. Some are ready for the very top level of competition, others are not quite there, but have a strong desire in them to work hard and compete. Of course, there are also kids who need more development in basic skills.

Wherever your kid is developmentally, we have a place for them in our club. We want to help as many kids as possible and believe that each can achieve great success at any of these levels.